Welcome to Windy Hill Apple Farm!

December 2, 2016: All Apple Products are Sold Out

We have sold all the apples and sweet cider for this season. The crop was small due to pollination issues which we intend to address in the coming year. The interest in apples grown to organic standards was high with customers coming from all over Ohio. Thank you.

The market for untreated sweet cider is also robust especially since ours can be processed into excellent hard ciders. We have customers with their own carboys of fermenting farm house style ciders for their personal consumption. These will be consumed as the traditional mix of GoldRush and Enterprise apples or as the slightly effervescent, semi-sweet Normandy style cider from 100% GoldRush juice. Mark your calendars to visit us in the fall of 2017.

October 23, 2016: Season Winding Down

We are winding down the apple and apple cider season. We are closed for u-pick and are stripping off the remaining GoldRush apples to sell from the Sales Room. The Sales Room is open from 9:00 to 5:00 everyday mostly on a self-serve basis.

We have sorted the GoldRush apples into two offerings: Those "perfect" or with only minor blemishes we call our keepers (for long term storage). These are available at the customary price of $20 for 20 pounds, and so on. Those with a small amount of defect that may be easily used for apple sauce or pies, we call our processing apples and these are being sold at the discounted price of $15 per half bushel (20 lbs.) The taste is high quality in both versions.

For the next few weeks we will have apple cider available in limited quantities. It would be best to call 740-587-3632 to make sure it is in stock before you drive out and are disappointed.

We still have an abundance of apple grilling wood. It is FREE to apple customers who help themselves to reasonable quantities.

September 1, 2016: Enterprise and GoldRush Apples and Grilling Wood

We will open this fall on Friday, October 7, 2016 for a few weeks for u-pick. This year we have a good crop of GoldRush and a fair crop of nice looking Enterprise, our two winter apple varieties. The sparseness of some of the crop is due to a lack of pollinating native bees. However, the apples are filling out well with the recent rains. GoldRush will be fully ripe around October 25th but some folks like to get them early.

Remember, both varieties are excellent storage apples that can be used for all purposes. They make great apple sauces and excellent sweet ciders. They can be blended to make a top quality hard (fermented) cider. Stay tuned for cider availability.

We have an abundance of apple grilling wood. Last year one person took home the back of his pickup truck filled for $50. It is FREE to apple customers who help themselves to reasonable quantities.

Product availability:






 Apples  $40/bushel§
 Apples  $20/half-bushel§
 Sweet cider  $10/gal.

§ A half-bushel is about 20 lbs.